Hotel & Wellness Knížecí rybník is located near the center of town Tábor, right on the shore of the pond, surrounded by nature. The hotel is ideal for both leisure and active holidays, as well as corporate accommodation.

Single Room

Cozy, comfortably furnished room for 1 person, overlooking the car park and forest.

from 1 300,- CZK/ night

Double Room

Comfortable room for 2 people, with double or twin beds, overlooking the forest.

from 1 850,- CZK/ night

Double Room with Balcony

Comfortable room for 2 people, with double or twin beds, overlooking the pond.

from 2 050,- CZK / night

Triple Room

Standard room for 3 people, with double or twin beds, overlooking the forest.

from 2 200,- CZK/ night

Triple Room with Balcony

Cozy room for 3 people, with double or twin beds, overlooking the pond.

from 2 400,- CZK / night

Family Apartment

Comfortable room for 4 people, with separate bedrooms or shared bedroom with kitchenette.

from 3 200,- CZK / night

Another services


Choose from a wide range of Czech and international cuisine in a newly refurbished, elegant restaurant with a large covered terrace overlooking the pond.

Corporate events

Organize training sessions, meetings or celebrations in one of the prepared lounges exactly according to your needs. We will arrange complete facilities including refreshments.

Multipurpose gym

Are you looking for suitable spaces for your lesson exercises? We offer a modified room with its own dressing rooms with the option of ordering sports-relaxation stays.


Enjoy the relaxation experience with exclusive massage using the unique candle of the French brand Bernard Cassière Paris.
This peeling massage nourishes and softens the skin, it has
harmonizing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Exclusive scent of candles increases the pleasure and effect of massage, it also helps to harmonize your body and soul. Warm massage from warm massage oil is ideal for muscle regeneration, physiotherapy massage or relaxation and skin rejuvenation.

Massage candles:

    • Massage candle vanilla and scent monoï: The active ingredients of coconut oil together with beeswax soothe, nourish and protect the skin. Linking delicate vanilla scent with tranquil blooming gardenia tiaré offers a sense of escape from everyday life


    • Pinna Colada Massage Candle: The coconut aroma blends with the freshness of tropical pineapple. This combination helps to feel the freshness and overall well-being of the soul and body. Beeswax, soybean and coconut oil bring nourishing and protective effects to your skin.


    • Fern Massage Candle: A favorite fragrance among nature lovers, inspired by the magnificent Fern Valley in northern California. The aroma of ferns and moss combines sage and lavender tones with woody scent of pine and spruce. Coconut oil, together with beeswax, soothe and help with overall regeneration.


    • Caramel candle: It combines luxurious aroma massage oil, warm coconut oil and beeswax. All of these ingredients will spoil your skin and soothe your mind. Combining the warm aroma of the massage oil with the scent of caramel and caring beeswax shifts the experience of massages to a new level.




45min - 900,- CZK


(back, legs, abdomen, décolleté, hands)


The luxurious mixture of sensual and narcotic smelling flowers with tiare and vanilla gardens, which is additionally enriched with salt and fine sand from Bora-Bora, softens and softens the skin of your body. Intensive skin care hydrates, nourishes, and effectively strengthens skin protects against free radicals. Peeling massage leaves an intense feeling of hydration, refreshing, purity and velvety softness.



45 min - 900,- CZK


Back and neck massage. At 90 minutes the whole body massage . She is the queen of all relaxing massages. It significantly strengthens and smooths the skin, it has a beneficial effect on beauty and good mood. Chocolate brings plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the skin. Procedure of the procedure consists in applying warm oil (almond, jojoba, coconut), fine coffee peeling and applying hot chocolate at the end.


60min - 1000,- CZK

90min - 1 400,- CZK

Relaxing facial, neck and décolleté massage. Drying mass of the head part. Massage is done in the sitting area. Effectively relieves stress, tension, sleep disorders and removes migraines, depression. It oxygenates the brain, improving concentration. It is a very pleasant massage for both women and men.


30min - 500,- CZK

Massage is performed from the front and back of the lower limbs, including legs. The massage is suitable for exertion and excessive load on the legs, with total leg fatigue. Blood circulation is inflamed and mildly relieves lymphatic flow. All this contributes to the regeneration of the whole organism.


45 min - 700,- CZK