uvodnik napojovy listek2


Draft beer Kozel 11°                                0,3l 30,- 0,5l 40,-
Dark beer Kozel 10°                            0,3l 30,- 0,5l 40,-
Pilsner Urguell light lager 12° 0,3l 40,- 0,5l 55,-
Non-alcoholic beer bottle                  0,5l 45,-
Kingswood cider apple bottle                  0,4l 50,-
Nonalcoholic drinks        
Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic     0,33l 50,-
Cappy juice according to the offer     0,20l 50,-
Ice tea     0,20l 50,-
Red Bull          0,25l 60,-
Water, mineral water     0,25l 45,-
Water chilled / sparkling, non-sparkling / with lemon     1l 60,-
Turkish coffee                              40,-
Espresso                                                                                                  45,-
Cappuccino                                            65,-
Latte Macchiato                                      69,-
Viennese coffee                                        69,-
Hot drinks        
Served tea according to the offer       40,-
Fresh ginger tea with honey and lemon       70,-
Hot drink, fruit flavors according to the offer       50,-
Hot chocolate with whipped cream       69,-
Grog, punch       60,-
Mulled wine       69,-
Spilled white wine / red by offer     0,2l 60,-
EXCLUSIVE wine from South Moravia according to the offer     0,7l 290,-
Bohemia sekt demi     0,7l 250,-
Cinzano              0,1l 60,-
Alcoholic beverages, spirits        
Rum, Peppermint schnapps, Griotte (kirsch)     0,04l 35,-
Fernet Stock, Apple Liquor, Eggnog     0,04l 40,-
Becherovka, Plum Brandy     0,04l 45,-
Finlandia Vodka, Metaxa, Beefeater GIN     0,04l 50,-
Jägermaister, Johnnie Walker, Tullamore Dew, Jameson     0,04l 55,-
Jack Daniels, Tequila     0,04l 60,-


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